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Wall-Mounted Acoustic Panels

Product Features

If you need to dampen a room without sacrificing style and look, then these RHINO Acoustic Panels are right for you. Our Acoustic Panels can control excess room noise by absorbing echo and reverberations across a room when mounted on multiple walls. Eliminating unwanted noise in a room is simple with these affordable Acoustic sound Panels.



These RHINO Acoustic Panels is constructed with 100% Polyester Fiber Composite material.

Designed with a modern look in mind with Beveled Edges on each Acoustic Panel, or turn the panel over for a solid smooth look.

Each panel is 230Kg/m3 in density, making it the strongest panel out in the market.

Our RHINO Acoustic Panels have been lab-tested with a 0.95 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Rating.

With non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly construction, it is gentle and safe to the human touch.

These lightweight Acoustic Panels mount easily to any wall surface.  Each panel only weighs 7 ounces.


  • RHINO Acoustic Panels are available in three colors (Silver Gray, Dark Gray, or Matte Black).

  • Two sizes available (12" x 12" and 16" x 12").

  • Each package comes with 6 RHINO Acoustic Panels.

  • Beveled edges for modern look or turn the tiles over for a smooth look.

  • Create a modern-looking and professional acoustic environment with ease.

  • Mix colors and sizes to create your unique look and style.


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